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Old 05-16-2017, 09:32 PM
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Default Corian clock

Never done a clock in corian, probably because most of what I have is .5 and my clock stems are for .25 movements.
So I set about to make some custom thickness. First I tuned my bandsaw for a nice straight cut which got it real close to where I wanted, then through the drum sander that brought it to a uniform .29.

The reason I need such accuracy is that I use a very fine engraving bit to do these, and if level/thickness is even a hair off it will cut on one side and not the other, or just right on one side and too deep on the other.
So once I got it to uniform thickness I mounted the blank to my jig and perfectly leveled it. I used one of the outer circles to test it, really close to where I wanted. Had the toolpaths calculated at .009, jacked that up to .011 and called it good.

Came out real nice, about 10x10 and a custom matching corian base. Could have put in numbers obviously but I wanted the design as large as possible and numbers would have greatly reduced it ,,, So I opted for pocketed hash marks for the hours.

In case anyones wondering, here is how I black it.
After the etching I give it a quick sanding and blow it off, then I spray paint the whole design black. I use a credit card type card to skim off excess paint, making it much easier to sand when dry.
After the surface has been sanded only the engraving retains the black. Another blow off, then I give it a matte clear coat to make it pop.

2nd pic is one I did a few weeks ago, similar but alot thinner and no clock. This one I went a bit too deep and if you have an eye for details, you'll notice it is no where near as detailed as the clock. You lose details with depth, but diligent prep work allows you to make accurate, very lights cuts.
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Old 05-16-2017, 10:43 PM
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I love working with Corian. Very nice work.
Bob Walters
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