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Old 09-17-2016, 09:50 PM
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Default Can I Upgrade to a Spindle?

The short answer is yes. CAMaster will sell virtually all the parts that are currently in production to Owners of their machines that wish to buy parts to upgrade them.

When it comes to changing any CNC machines configuration the real answer has much more to do with an individual users skillset than anything else. Rather than explain it all, look over this thread:

In that thread, John explains the process, including the fact that a number of the parts weren't purchased from the factory. He explains that there are software settings, macros, hardware and both low and line voltage wiring changes that need to be done to complete the task.

The long answer is that virtually all CNC manufacturers will be happy to sell any upgrade that their user base wants, but not all of those users are able to self install. Another thing to consider is that CAMaster machines are custom built for each users selection of options. This allows different macros and settings to be used that are based on the machines performance. Not so with most other brands.

So the real question may be: Can YOU upgrade your machine?
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Old 09-18-2017, 04:41 PM
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Thumbs up Smooth upgrade, happy with our new speed control!

We here at The Nueva School in San Mateo, California have been thinking for quite a while about upgrading to a Spindle, so we could more easily cut aluminum, and so we could do some steel, as well.

Gary Campbell supported us in upgrading our router to a spindle, and we've been really happy with the results.

It took some cable routing, a bit of re-wiring of the cabinet (but not too much), and some unbolting and re-bolting of components, but I did the almost the whole thing in a day.

I say "almost" because the new mounting position for the spindle is a bit higher than it was for the router - too high for our 4th axis, which is well below the level of the table. So that will require a couple new holes drilled (or ideally milled/counter-bored) into the spindle-mounting plate... but now we can do that on the CNC router! (whenever it becomes necessary)

The other things left on our "to do" list are figuring out a new dust collection shoe setup and mount for the laser. But for now, having electronic control of our spindle speed is *really* nice.

Thanks, again, to Gary Campbell for helping us through this process. We'd never have figured it out on our own!

~George J.
Shop Manager & Innovation Lab Engineer
The Nueva School
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