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jbiddle 02-01-2018 03:00 PM

Using the CNC to make veneer templates
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My BC (Before Cnc) method to make curved veneer template was to was to draw a pattern onto a piece of MDF, cut it out on a bandsaw, and hand sand it until it was right. Then I used that part to trace an outline onto the next sheet, cut it oversized, attach it to the master (glue and/or screw) and use a trim router with bearing to match them. Repeat until enough layers are added. Use template and store until the end of time or until I run out of room.

Now, draw one in VcarvePro, copy as many parts as needed, nest, load sheets and cut. I added two things to these templates. I cut reference lines (center, edges, etc.) with a v-bit and add a number of 3/8" holes to the template. I bought some 3/8" x 1-1/2" wood dowels from Lee Valley and use them to attach and align the parts together. Either the vacuum holds the parts together or I can use some bolts through extra holes if I'm not using the vacuum.

Once the project is finished, I disassemble the layers, repurpose what I can and toss the rest. I have the file in case I ever need to remake the template.

In the case of this pic, I'll attach the top cap to the template and run it through the wide belt as an assembly. I'll also use it on the slider to cut the top rail and cap to length, referencing my cut lines from the V-bit. Then I'll use one of the layers as a bearing template to cut the stick cuts on the shaper.

What a benefit when making furniture.

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