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stinger23 10-06-2011 12:27 PM

about bobcad
i also have this program, the 22 version.. they really nice guys in my meaning, because they take into account if you were hobbyist and gave there program for an incredible low price..
what i mean low? for example for autocad soem converters, like stl, iges or any could cost at least 200, and i could say more example... so in this environment they """giveaway"" their programs..
well.. compared with rhino, bobcad definetely slower (on my computer)
im using with 2 gig, and looks sometime not sufficient..
good side of bobcad, can open, iges, sldprt, step and numerous different format...
so with very low cost some real professional feature..
meshgeneration relatively simple... mesh editing, like in rhino... i did not find..
so overall for the cost i got it, i think it is an alternative..

if we count on the regular prices, in my private opinion, rhino or visualmill gives far more..
the 4th axis addition in bobcad, as much i know not the continous, but manually can be made the indexing..


aldepoalo 10-06-2011 01:31 PM

More Like That ?
Something more like that?

I can see your tool came out awesome. I would need to mess with the surfacing a little more to make my tool look the same.


aldepoalo 10-06-2011 01:32 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Here it is

aldepoalo 10-06-2011 02:01 PM

New Tool
2 Attachment(s)
This is the same file with a new tool .

aldepoalo 10-08-2011 01:45 PM

BobART Sample Cut
1 Attachment(s)
Here is the part being cut, " BobART"

richf 10-18-2011 10:27 PM

FYI, I downloaded build 376 and I still get the unexpected file format error on the orginal CAMASTER_LOGO.bbcd file. Either the file is corrupted due to a transfer (like might occur when FTPing in text mode) or there is some incompatibility between standard BobCad/BobArt and BobCad/BobArtPro file format. Has anyone else opened the original Bobcad file?

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