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BradyWatson 10-08-2014 11:15 PM

Scanning Services
Hello Friends,
I wanted to post to let you know that scanning services are available to help you get your 3D parts into the computer and ready for production on your CNC. I've done quite a bit of scanning for CAMaster customers this year, including both new and seasoned CNC users. I thought it would be a good thing to post for those who may not be aware of benefits these services can offer your shop.

I offer scanning services for single and multi-sided parts, including 360 degree scanning of parts for rotary machining. I can provide you with Vectric Aspire & DelCAM ArtCAM formats in addition to STL mesh (plus others) compatible with most CAD/CAM software. I do not offer solid or IGES type formats at this time.

Unlike consumer type 3D scanners, a High Definition Laser can resolve details much finer and cleaner than anything most shops can afford to invest in. In fact, a good number of my customers already own a 3D scanner - but are frustrated with the data drop out, noise, lack of detail or simply the amount of time they have to invest in order to get a good file to machine.

What kind of parts do customer's have scanned? You name it. Musical instruments, all kinds of grips, handles, hand carved reliefs, soft clay sculptures, jewelry, coins, gun stocks, furniture legs, maquettes, propellers...even really weird things like a pizza with all the toppings and fruit (pineapples, tomatoes, apples etc). There are too many types of parts to list, but chances are pretty good that your parts can be scanned too.

You can view some examples of things I have scanned via my website,, although I must admit it's in need of a makeover. One of the hallmarks of my business is privacy & protecting the customer's data. You own the data. I'm just the translator. Your 3D data will never be shared or sold ever. Period.

Feel free to contact me via PM or email regarding pricing. Please include a photo or two and rough overall dimensions so that I can give you an accurate quote. All other questions feel free to ask here.


de5 10-09-2014 10:17 AM

The quality of Brady's scans is excellent, and his honesty and integrity are second to none. You won't be disappointed. Welcome to the forum Brady; I hope you will come back often and share some of your knowledge, experience, and expertise.

BradyWatson 10-10-2014 08:15 AM

Hey Charlie - thanks for the kudos. I see you are still making those sweet ocarinas. You do such nice work!


Xray 10-11-2014 01:00 AM

Looks like nice work, what kind of machine/software are you using to scan if you don't mind me asking.

BradyWatson 10-11-2014 08:31 AM

Hey Doug - It's completely custom. I was a software developer in a previous life. I test drove every scanner & 3D camera under $50k and none of them really had the versatility and data quality that I was after, so I built my own.


SCHEPEBC 07-12-2017 04:27 PM

Up to top...
I know this is an old thread but was wondering how large of an object can you scan and are you able to export it being a STEP file or IGES file? I have some automotive parts that would be easier to scan and work with in solidworks than with me and a tape measure. One of the items is a door and the other parts are interior vacuum formed dashes and panels.

1cmill 01-03-2018 08:28 PM

I too am curious if Brady is still around. I dont have anything to scan at the moment but sounds like a great resource.

de5 01-03-2018 09:32 PM

Yes he is still around. He is very active on the shopbot forum. You can find him there.

BradyWatson 01-03-2018 09:34 PM

Sorry for the delay in response...

First, I am very much alive and scanning for CAMheads and other CNC & 3D printing customers. There are a lot of gun stock and musical instrument guys that own CAMasters and I am happy to help them get their unique designs 'into the computer' with both 3D and 2D digital data. Of course there are many other types of customers as well - and CAMaster guys have been really good to work with...they 'get it'.

Newer guys to CNC also benefit from a custom tutorial video that shows their scanned data setup in Aspire and the process of creating sample toolpaths. While I don't offer toolpath creation services to customers, I do let them sort of look over my shoulder via screen capture of the setup process using their scanned parts. It's a teach a man to fish kind of thing & has worked really well for guys who need to make a return on their equipment in a hurry. Plus, since it's a recording, they can refer to it over and over again.

To answer the question regarding size limitations, there is no practical limit. Generally speaking, if it ships it fits. The reality is most parts are less than 36" in the longest direction (like rotary stuff) and quite often the parts fit in a priority mailer.

In terms of solid type files (SolidWorks, STP, IGES et al) - this is something outside the realm of service I provide. There is no scanner on the planet that can take raw data and directly translate it into a parametric/solid type file. A human still has to do retopology on it and that essentially means using a 3D mesh as a reference for conical, cylindrical, spherical and planar sections that make up a mechanical part. When it comes to free-form reliefs, it is possible to patch the surface but not really make it into a parametric solid. So, the short of it is, if you have SW and the right plugins, it is possible to use the scan data to create your own solids/surfaces.

To be clear, I offer STL mesh, Aspire .3DClip and ArtCAM .RLF formats. I do offer a few more mesh options as well, but these are by far the most popular for CNC router guys.

If you have more questions, feel free to contact me by visiting the IBILD website.


james mcgrew 01-03-2018 09:45 PM

I gave Bradys Info to a guy wanting Gunstocks earlier today !

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