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Michael Mezalick 09-15-2015 06:50 AM

CNC Handheld Controller
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For sale.
CNC Handheld Controller
Less than 6 months old.

Shipping not included.

I just can't get the hang of using's a great item, well made...


homersmth24 09-15-2015 08:06 AM

Is it plug and play? I will take it off your hands for you.

Michael Mezalick 09-15-2015 08:14 AM

It's not quite Plug and Play but not that hard to get it up and running,
You may want to look thru this other thread

Just a note on my pending....that was fast.
I'll let you know if it doesn't happen.


Gary Campbell 12-21-2015 09:00 AM

Here's another:

David Warkentin 12-21-2015 11:51 AM

I'll stand in line if he decides not to buy....[lol]

David Warkentin 12-21-2015 11:52 AM

Oh I see it's an older thread. I assume it's sold by now. I'll go sit down.

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