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Here is a large months long construction project I have been working on, only a couple weeks in, thought some here might be interested.
The beginnings of the NAIAS, 100's of guys there now soon to be 1,000's.
2nd pic shows what my crew was working on today, piece of work getting this thing together and we are only 1/3 of the way done with it, putting it together that is. After it is assembled it will be completely drywalled, mudded, sanded smooth then painted - Then it will be torn down at the end of the show.

Lots of work to be done, half the time I never know what I'll be doing coming in, always something different and challenging, and perfection is demanded. Pics show only a small portion of the floor, some of the larger booths like Ford is already walled in. Working 10 hr shifts now, soon the be 12 and higher, towards the end sometimes I just sleep there after 16 hours or so and get a few hours sleep, then get up and do it again [only a 20 minute drive, which is very nice].
I'll post some more pics, but when it gets close to show time and the cars start rolling in they will crucify anyone taking pics so I won't even take the chance.
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