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Wow, sorry guys, I was checking the wrong email for notifications from this thread. Thanks for all the replies.

Originally Posted by Kyle Stapleton View Post
You need to tell a lot more info.
What is your Feed rate x,y and z?
What is your depth of cut?
What are you cutting?
What bit are you using?
What are your RPMs?
Are you cutting climb or conventional?
I have been playing with the Feed rate and the issue happens no matter the rate. These pictures are of type 1 PVC. Pass depth is usually .05 with a 1/4" end mill. RPM's are 15,000 with 80 IPM for x/y and 10 for z. I have been experimenting with feed rates, rpm's and all those parameters to see how it will affect my issue and the overall cut quality. The "steps" are persistent no matter the parameters.
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