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Originally Posted by rcrawford View Post
I think that is great for a 4x8 spoilboard. You will be able to cut through on nested sheets. Might not be enough to pull the warp out of plywood, but there are not many set-ups that will do that (unless you are willing to go 30hp!)

I would love that set-up. Just be sure you will be getting 15" at 318cfm (not 15" max or 318cfm max - which means you will be getting 3-4" at 318cfm, or 15" at 20-30cfm!!). There should be a flow/pressure chart that shows the pressures at different cfm.
Do you know what terminology I should use to get those numbers? I m pretty green to all of this. I think I understand the relationship of vacuum to flow, but are there types of blowers that work differently than others? From what I see there are low pressure pumps and high pressure pumps.
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