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Originally Posted by Racegrafix View Post
Lol, copyright doesn't end with the show. Thats like saying well...Elvis is dead, time to sell some of his songs on a bootleg cd.
I don't recall saying that copyright ended with the show - Good as the show was, don't think its quite comparable to Elvis or the Beatles, who still gross $1,000,000's a year in sales of music and merchandise.
Contrast that with a decade dormant show which many or most have never heard of, so its not worth it for the copyright owners to pay a team of enforcers combing for violations.

Too, they wouldn't lose a single $ if someone bought a custom 3D model because they don't offer anything remotely similar, unlike an Elvis bootleg [did end up selling the purpleheart one for over $200].

Should note that its not venues like ebay themselves that comb through listings and look for violations, its the owners of the copyright who do the combing and request that ebay take it down. As time passes and interest lapses, stands to reason there is less and less combing, or they may chose to concentrate on more obvious, simple to make items like tshirts, hats and mouse pads, which they may in fact still officially sell.

Some outfits like Harley and sports teams are notoriously anal about their designs, and others like vehicle manufacturers don't seem to care, and like seeing their logo out there any way they can.
Being a guitar player, I have noticed that the owners of the Eagles music catalog are super anal, I posted a vid of me playing just the beginning acoustic part and it was taken down the next day, the vid is still visible in searches but if you click on it you get a black screen with white lettering that says "Sorry this video is not viewable due to copyright violations", or words thereof. Browsed around out of curiosity [actually not much of a fan, do like that song though] and found dozens of others in the same situation, whereas you can find 1,000's of vids or renditions, covers and tutorials of almost any song from any other band.

So there is no 1 size fits all copyright standards or guidance, if I thought the owners were losing sales of custom made 3d wood models that take many hours to make then I wouldn't try to sell them.
I am guessing that Boeing owns the copyright for the 747 yet I doubt if they'd be upset if I made a model of one. So thats just a little perspective and food for thought for the simplistic "Lol, Elvis !" type comment.

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