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I generally only go .009 beyond the material into the spoilboard, but I also have a vacuum table so the material is flush against the surface, not being held off by tape. This allows me to clean up the spoilboard periodically with a .010 deep cut.

Since you're cutting into the table already, then the issue is probably a combination of the small space left by the tape and the natural splintering of the plywood. I'm afraid I don't have a better hold-down solution for this thin material. Vacuum is by far the best solution, but you don't have a vacuum table.

The Revolution Ply site claims the material is not lauan, but it sure looks like it. It doesn't really say what it is. You may want to try other materials like russian or baltic birch, or perhaps a cabinet-grade maple, sourced from a lumber wholesaler to reduce cost. I have generally found that paying a little more for better material more than pays for itself in terms of reduced waste and processing time.
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