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I think you can screw down the spoil board if your very careful when you surface the board, but sometimes I'm thinking about all the other things and forget stuff (maybe just me). Even if you counter sink you will eventually have to remove the screws to surface plus I've hit some screws when fasting down larger pieces to the spoil board.

The other comment about the added height reducing the Z was because I installed a new spoil board (3/4") and was trying to cut some shapes out of 2 1/2" wood which means I need a bit that would stick out of me collet at least 2 5/8" to cut all the way through without hitting my collet. I also had to have a safe Z height that would at least clear my wood by 1/8" and not hit my Z stop. I got the job done but it was very close to not fitting and I had to play with the program to make it work. I have since raised my router bracket up about an 1 inch to give me a little more room. I also wanted to try Kyle's plotter pen holder which takes more Z than I had before but I should be able to use it now.

One final point when I screwed the board down without glue. I probably didn't use enough screws because after a while I was getting a small amount of spring in the MDF which was noticeable on some projects. It may have been humidity changes, not sure. I did at one time use the plastic screws but didn't feel like they really held as good and the metal screws.

Now I glue it and screw some areas and clamp until dry then remove all screws and it has been very good, at least for me.
I agree with the comment that you don't want your spoil board to be out of the range of your cutting. I did that the first time and as I surfaced down the ridge on the spoil board that wouldn't cut got in my way more than once.

This is a good thread thanks for posting it.

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