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I use 2 flute HSS end mills whenever I can. They are inexpensive because they are used in high volume in industry. Carbide will last longer, but costs more. I tend to go for the HSS bit as I'm not usually pushing it (heat) so much.

I get mine here for the most part:

Mcmaster, like MSC or Grainger, is a distributor. Sometimes you can find better deals than them, although they are usually very good on prices considering their selection and that they don't get you on shipping.

I've found is a good place. 2 flute 1/16" end mill for like $7 and the drill size chart they send you for free is very nice.

My advice would be to buy less tools to start with. I have a dozen I was sure I would use, and have been sitting untouched a year later. What I use all the time: 1/8" and 1/4" and chamfer bit.
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