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To be added to the Camaster map your status needs to be OWNER, I have sent to both a private message.

All owners must first contact Jim McGrew to verify ownership, once the status is owner I will add you to the map.

Originally Posted by Cabinetsofatlanta View Post
Please add me to the list.
Suwanee, GA

Cobra 5'x10' 10 tool carousel ATC
10 HP HSD Spindle
Recoil ready, Pop up pins
Vacum table with Hurricane Blackbox Vac

Mozaik, VCarve Pro 8.5

Rafal Kozdeba

Cabinets of Atlanta Inc
Originally Posted by scubanimal View Post
Hello, My Stinger 1 (24) is now out of the crate and powered on for the first time.

Name: Ian Martin (aka scubanimal)
Company N/A
Street address: 2717 Angell Ave.
Town / City: San Diego
State: Calif
Type of machine: StingerI (24)
no website, just a hobby.... for now.
Mick Martin
CAMaster Cobra 508 ATC + Recoil + Popup Pins
Digitize Touch Probe
Wincnc Handheld Serial Keypad + Wireless Pendant
Hurricane vacuum
WinCNC + Aspire 9.5 + PhotoVCarve + EnRoute 5

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