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Originally Posted by BradyWatson View Post
The relevance is...CPP will export a DXF of your cabinet files so that you can pull them into VCP/Aspire/ArtCAM etc and toolpath them with a higher degree of control than CPP offers. You can ramp in at whatever degree you want, set the peck drilling up with a click of a button and SEE what's going to happen with a full subtractive preview (animated too) before you post the file.

Whether or not one program *should* do something or not doesn't do anything for you right now. (and no program is perfect - not diggin' on CPP) So my point is, there is always more than one way to get a job done & until issues get resolved with one program, you can just as easily crank them out in another. I run a job shop & don't have time to wait for something to get fixed the way I want I always have multiple options to push the work through. That's all...Good luck.

Well that makes sense albeit probably a little cumbersome using VCP to set each tool path on a 50 sheet nest? Unless there is some automated way of running it through?
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