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Nice work Rich, corian is a very versatile material that holds detail better than just about anything I have ever seen. Easy to machine, attractive and takes paint well if necessary, downside is cost, which is negated when a scrap hoard like this is found. The guy was asking $50 for all of this and I gave him $70. I have already made a profit from just a 8x12" project I made which I sold for $90.

It can and will break if abused for sure, I just don't agree with the dictionary definition of brittle which is "hard but liable to break or shatter easily." That to me would be something more like plaster or glass. It is not fragile, the only care you really need to take is don't drop it on concrete - And even then it will just bounce more often than not. Guys that work with sheets, sure proper care is in order when handling it, I imagine they would fracture much easier than a 10x10" square.

Can you describe your hammer separation method a bit more, do you put it on a wood block or what ?

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