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Old 04-12-2017, 08:19 PM
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Default BobCAD-CAM Milling Video Training Series V23

Hey Guys,

Im just starting out using BobCAD and have inherrited a CNC Router which has BobCad V23 and Mach3 Installed on a laptop. Its all supposed to work. I also got the BobCAD-CAM V23 Milling Video Training Professor Series of CD's. Ten in all. It contains 162 Videos specifically relating to Version 23 which is great and just what I need to get started and see if it will be suitable for what I want to do. If it is I may invest in a new version and training but this is just to get me started. However Disc 1 is damaged and I can't access videos 4 through 9 on CD1. These are :-

Video 4 - More On Selection Mask (11:45)
Video 5 - Settings Default and Part (6:41)
Video 6 - More On Current Settings (3:56)
Video 7 - Software Setup (3:05)
Video 8 - Tool Database (5:38)
Video 9 - Compound Operations (4:10)

Now as someone just starting out I believe that these videos will be invaluable in assisting me to learn the software but the CD wont allow me to access them. Ive checked and part of the surface is scratched and the foil has flaked away.

Now what I am hoping is that someone here may still have these said same CD's or access to these particular files and can help me out. I dont believe it will be more than 300 Mb in size as after checking the other CD's the rest are about 500 Mb in size sometimes 600Mb in their total capacity. Im only after the 6 Video Files mentioned and some of them are short but that would give me a complete collection of Videos for V23 which is what Im after currently. Yes I know its out of date and I should upgrade but this is not for buisness and im unemployed and im not even getting any social security benefits so I hoping to maybe learn this and get a job in the industry someday or maybe make something to sell. So what you say ? Can you HELP ! ?
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