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Old 10-08-2009, 11:58 AM
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Default a couple quick molds

made some quick carbon fiber parts for small boat parts. designed in Rhino, toolpathed with Rhinocam. Sealed with a couple quick coats of shellac and then some paste wax on the mold, apply carbon fiber cloth and epoxy, and throw in a ziplock bag with venturi vacuum hose hooked to it. Took less than an hour for each one, from design, to milling, to closing it up in the bag. Used 1/8 onsurd taper ball.

I did one part as a male mold, so the finish on the outside wasn't as nice, but the inside was perfect. The second piece I did as a female mold so the outside of the part would look great.

In case anyone wonders, this is a venturi setup for small boats, when moving, the pressure sucks water out of the hull.

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Old 10-09-2009, 07:04 AM
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i have yet to do a mold with the cnc but have a project coming where i can do this i am glad you are doing this

James McGrew
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Old 10-12-2009, 12:25 AM
Eric Mims Eric Mims is offline
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Jim, it's pretty easy. Molds are a cinch with our machines. sealing and waxing is no big deal. If you've ever done epoxy/fiberglass work, you'll know that part isn't that hard either. Vacuum bagging is great.. I need to get some decent bag material and gasket material, but my ziplock bag, a bunch of tape, and a hose clamp worked great in a pinch.
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