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Old 05-17-2021, 01:17 AM
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Default My T track and spoilboard layout

My stinger 2 was on order for a few months so I had plenty of time to think about a new spoilboard set up. I was (still) considering a MFT type assembly table and thought that some of the features were suited for the cnc. Especially since pop up pins are not an option for stingers.

So far I’m pretty happy with the functionality of it. This is a huge improvement over what I was doing before. The dogs are very accurate, repeatable, and durable. I have several locations that I think are common saved in my preset positions including a few that will help when doing 2 sided work. I can also reference the layout in vcarve as needed.

The dogs were from precision dogs. My t tracks are a little different from the norm. They’re called quick tracks and made by armor tools. These are bolted to the table from underneath and have relief cuts every 12" so you can insert a clamp. I got a 20% off coupon on my first order which brought theses down to about even with the competition.
Rex White
Stinger II
Vcarve Pro v10.5

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Old 05-17-2021, 08:42 AM
Ed Hazel Ed Hazel is offline
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I prefer to use wood dowel rod for my alignment pins. Being wood I do not have to worry about hitting them and the are cheap and easily replaceable.
Ed Hazel

508 Cobra ATC 15 Tools
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Old 05-17-2021, 08:57 AM
Charlie_L Charlie_L is offline
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Rex, very nicely thought out. I to like having the relief opening to enable clamp inserts in places you didn't expect. Nice detail with the use of saved WINCNC locations.
Charlie L
Stinger II, 48 by 48, 1.7 kW Spindle, FTC + Laser + Recoil + Vacuum, July 2012
WinCNC 2.5.03, Aspire, PhotoVCarve, Windows 7 Pro SP1
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