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Old 02-09-2021, 06:30 PM
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Default Stinger 1 Grease Gun needed

The factory supplied grease gun is useless. the plunger never moves the grease out of the tube. Is there anything I should know before we look at an outside source for a grease gun? We have the 1 inch tubes of grease and we have a small needle tip that attaches to the Greasegun fitting.
Thank you in advance
Todd May
MK-Tek Holsters
Stinger 1
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Old 02-10-2021, 01:23 PM
jdonaldson jdonaldson is offline
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I agree hopefully, someone will chime in with a good alternative

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Old 02-10-2021, 01:41 PM
TimPa TimPa is offline
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Hi Todd, all i can say that if i were buying a new grease gun i would go with the larger gun, with the long hose - pretty sure your needle tip will still fit. i like the style that you can operate with one hand, leaving the other hand available to place the tip where needed. my 0.02.

not sure how much you have invested in the small tubes tho... good luck.
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Old 02-10-2021, 02:00 PM
Logan Y Logan Y is online now
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I have one of these that I put a needle tip on the hose. It allows me to pump it one handed while I aim the needle with the other.

If you have a bunch of those small tubes you can always manually empty them into the grease gun to use before you move on to the larger self contained tubes.
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Old 02-10-2021, 02:21 PM
Bruce Page Bruce Page is offline
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This is my setup, all from McMaster-Carr. It works well.
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Bruce Page
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Old 02-10-2021, 03:19 PM
de5 de5 is offline
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I went through 3 different $20 grease guns that all leaked. Finally I spent $45 for this one and it has been great:

I see it's cheaper now than when I bought it in 2016.
I use a needle from McMaster for the Z axis ballscrew.
Charlie Hind
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(2006-2012 - K2 CNC... sold in 2012 to buy the Cobra)
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Old 02-10-2021, 09:47 PM
Carbidetooth Carbidetooth is offline
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I've had several ho-hum grease guns over the years. I got these two specifically for CNC but use elsewhere. I'd buy again in a's that good. The locking end on the flex hose is genius.
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