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Old 05-30-2018, 11:54 PM
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Originally Posted by BradyWatson View Post
Try demos of EVERYTHING. Give everything a fair shake - YOU are the only one that stands to get short changed. When you don't know anything about XYZ you owe it to yourself to play the proverbial field and see what makes the most sense for your type of work and your way of thinking. Don't go picking a wife because she's a cheap date.
I seems unlikely that a free program that capable will "short change me", and I'm not marrying it. It doesn't have to be the ultimate CAD/CAM program for my purposes. Also, I don't see why they'd ever take away the educational free option I'll have for mentoring in Robotics. It's how they get future users.

The bottom line is that I'm not going to need to learn a lot of different CAD programs, because I'm not changing employers, so Fusion is my obvious choice.

I will see what VCarve pro can do first since I bought it, but while you may not love Fusion, based on everything I've read and watched, it's not a bad program. Especially for what I want to accomplish in both guitar making and with the robotics team. Aspire would cost a lot more, can't load the robotics package or run the simulations the kids use, and doesn't seem to offer much more to me than VCarve. Not if I need to learn something like Fusion anyway.
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Old 05-31-2018, 06:52 AM
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At some point the gravy train will end & it won't be free anymore. Then you'll be paying the monthly nut for being allowed to use their software.

The current subscription price is still very affordable, at $300/year.

You'll pay a LOT more for comparable parametric CAD and CAM.

If they do start charging all the free users, they really can't raise the current prices, or they'll lose the majority of their user base.

There are countless guitar manufacturers and individuals making string instruments with Aspire and even VCP. A quick search on either forum will show many examples of the work produced.

If you are doing carved bodies and necks, I still don't think Aspire is the right tool for the job here, but it's perfectly fine for 2D work, and machining imported models.
But I wouldn't want to model necks and carved top bodies with it.

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