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Old 11-18-2020, 10:45 PM
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Default Lag/Delay after G2/G3 move?

Hey All -

Just getting setup with my machine and finally have it behaving more or less what I expect it to. However, when running jobs, it seems like there is a lag or delay in motion after processing any arc moves (G2/G3) which is causing burning at those locations and just generally slow job times (especially with things like helical ramp-ins).

I'm using Fusion 360 to WinCNC, however, unless something is bad about the GCODE being calculated, it seems like this would be a generic issue. So here's some GCODE that ran with this lag:

N9716 G1 X2.2768 Y2.591
N9718 G3 X2.2627 Y2.1831 I0.3456 J-0.2162
N9720 G1 X2.2672 Y2.1746
N9722 G3 X2.6278 Y1.9501 I0.3745 J0.1996
N9724 G1 X2.6376 Y1.9498
N9726 G3 X3.0269 Y2.1582 I0.0144 J0.441
N9728 G1 X3.0319 Y2.1663
N9730 G3 X3.0461 Y2.6242 I-0.389 J0.2412
N9732 G1 X3.0416 Y2.6327
N9734 G3 X2.6377 Y2.8822 I-0.4178 J-0.2246
N9736 G1 X2.6279 Y2.8825
N9738 G3 X2.1952 Y2.6491 I-0.0144 J-0.491
N9740 G1 X2.1902 Y2.641
N9742 G3 X2.176 Y2.1331 I0.4323 J-0.2662
N9744 G1 X2.1806 Y2.1247
N9746 G3 X2.6278 Y1.8501 I0.4611 J0.2496
N9748 G1 X2.6376 Y1.8498
N9750 G3 X3.1135 Y2.1082 I0.0144 J0.541
N9752 G1 X3.1185 Y2.1163

Is the rapid switching between straight and arc moves the problem? Something else? Anyone experienced this before?
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