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Old 10-05-2020, 08:21 PM
Pete marken Pete marken is offline
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Default Vacuum With T-Slot Table

How well does the vacuum hold down system work with a t-slot table? Are the zones set up where the T-slots won't interfere with the Vacuum? Or do you have to make filler pieces to slide into the gaps where the tracks are located?
My machine has been delayed a month so I am not sure how the table is set up.
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Old 10-05-2020, 11:26 PM
Charlie_L Charlie_L is offline
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Maybe check out this post for something that might help you?

In 2012 my table top had material top separate the tracks from the vacuum channels.
Charlie L
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Old 10-06-2020, 10:55 AM
The real JP The real JP is offline
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Theoretically anyway, as long as you sealed the mdf well after you cut the groove and before you put in the T track it should be fine. In theory.

I would not be putting t tracks into my vacuum table though. Consider when you have to resurface the spoilboard. Usually I take .010 off at a time. What would you do when the T track started getting near the surface? You would have to keep replacing the spoilboard prematurely.

Lots of guys with vacuum tables have a jig sheet, they simply screw ( or suck down ) to the spoilboard then you can tear that up all you want. I clearcoat my jig sheet so masking tape and super glue hold better. Or I just screw the workpiece down in the corners.
Never really found T track all that handy except on the tablesaw or shaper.

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Old 10-06-2020, 11:51 AM
Jim Becker Jim Becker is offline
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This is one of those combinations where the choice of a phenolic table may be the better choice. Zones would certainly have to take into account the track locations and parts spanning the slots potentially may not be held properly with vacuum, depending on their size/location. (smaller sizes are harder to hold down with's about gravity and surface area)

I also seem to recall that at least for some period of time, Camaster wasn't generally happy providing "both" hold-down methods on the same machine, but I could be wrong with that assertion.
Jim Becker

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Old 10-07-2020, 11:17 AM
tbrookins tbrookins is offline
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I have t-slots milled into the phenolic table with MDF over it. I used the same program to cut slots in the MDF that I used to cut the slots in the phenolic for t-slots. when I want to use my vacuum, I just unscrew my MDF and replace it with LDF with holes in the corners to mount to my phenolic table.
It takes 3 minutes to switch back and forth.. It works great!
Tracy Brookins

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Brandon Mississippi
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