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Old 06-11-2012, 09:09 AM
rcrawford rcrawford is offline
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Nice work on a small machine! Did you tile, or just design half a sheet at a time?

I just finished cutting a set of frameless kitchen cabinets for my brother in law. Used a 3/8" compression bit at full depth and got perfect edges top and bottom and barely touched my spoilboard. Unfortunately I do not have an edgebander, so he gets to band it by hand (with an iron, and hand trimmer and a file!). Glad its not a paying job so I don't have to do any banding or install! (its just a temporary kitchen in his basement so he can move in while he works on the main floor, so we used cheap white melamine - cut 9 boxes with shelves for under $100, in about 2 hours).

I've got a panel saw with a scoring blade, but even with that I cannot get the same quality of cuts as I can with a compression bit. And then I'm not handling each piece multiple times to cut dados, drill holes, etc. They come off the Cobra ready to band and assemble.
Russell Crawford
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Alberta, Canada
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Old 06-11-2012, 10:12 AM
Gary Malone Gary Malone is offline
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I cut the panels in half (much easier to handle them by myself) nested the parts and cut with compression bit. I don't have an edgebander so I took the parts to a friend in town that has one and only took a few minutes to get them done. I have since done some smaller jobs and used an iron with pre-glued edgebanding and have gotten great results. On a side note, I'm just glad my shop didn't go under water this weekend, we had 21" of rain here in West Pensacola, a lot of damage done all around town.
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