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Old 08-21-2018, 06:15 PM
Ryan Patterson Ryan Patterson is offline
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I have just created a video that shows how you can use CabinetPartsPro to create MDF doors. Here is the link.
Sorry for bringing an old thread up but seemed the most appropriate place for this.
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Old 08-22-2018, 09:22 AM
sgodding sgodding is offline
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I use Aspire to make MDF doors (hundreds of sheets so far). Some of my door profiles use 6 different bits. I don't draw them directly in Aspire...I developed a spreadsheet that generates the required vectors based on style and door size and then input the vectors into Aspire using Paul Rowntree's CSV to 2d gadget. The spreadsheet is pretty specific to my needs so it's not something I send out, but if you're good with Excel then you could probably knock something out.

We make very nice looking doors with sharp internal corners much faster than my guys could do them on the shaper. One key is to use very high-quality MDF...we generally use Medex, which is solid all the way through and also water resistant for kitchen cabinets.

I also have the Commercial Door Manufacturing (CDM) system that is an add-on to Alphacam. This is an improvement over my current method - some of the toolpath choices are a little better, especially for corners. I just don't like Alphacam. At some point I will make the switch, because CDM also does a better job with labelling.

As far as machine, I have to agree that the heavier and more stable the machine, the better output you will get. I used to use a 4x8 Stinger II for this and it was slower and didn't give me the quality - not because it wasn't a good machine, it just wasn't configured for this type of work. While you can use any Camaster machine to make doors, for high-volume production work I wouldn't want to go with anything less than the newer Cobra elite with the steel gantry, tool changer and high horsepower spindle. If I was primarily using machine for doors, I would probably not get the gantry lift, to minimize vibration. Just my opinion, based on lots of experience making doors.
Steve Godding
D&S Artistic Woodworking LLC
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Old 08-24-2018, 06:47 PM
Milzie Milzie is offline
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We have a 5x10 Cobra. Tried making doors, and its fine for a 1 piece raised panel type door, but anything with a flat recessed panel like a shaker door, the machine just has too much vibration which creates a lot of sanding.

We use a spreadsheet to enter sizes, then another program to bring the doors sizes into Vcarve as a bunch of rectangles, and then apply a toolpath template. Its quick and easy, but as I said, not so great for a recessed panel door. We sell hardly any raised panel in our area, so we typically just buy the doors from someone with a much heavier machine.

Camaster Cobra 510 ATC
10HP spindle, 20HP vacuum
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